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Know What is a Learning Management System?

A term Learning Management System or usually abbreviated as LMS, of course, we often hear lately, especially as long as there is a distance learning system during this Covid 19 pandemic.

If we pay close attention to the system in LMS learning, this learning method is indeed related to making a syllabus about learning, presenting material and managing online learning.

This system, which is known as LMS E-learning, is specifically designed to make it easier for teachers during distance learning like this. Not comparable to the popularity of the name, we will still find very little explanation about the Learning Management System. There are still many teachers who still do not know about this LMS.

Understanding Learning Management System

The definition of a Learning Management System in general is a software specifically designed to distribute, create, and manage learning content.

This designed system is expected to be able to help teachers, especially teachers, to be able to plan and make syllabus, manage materials for learning, manage student learning activities, manage student grades, recapitulate student attendance, display student transcripts, and manage views for e-learning .

Because it is based on a digital application, in addition to making it easier for teachers in planning online learning, the learning management system will also make it easier for students to be able to access learning content anywhere and anytime.

Through the Learning Management System , it will be easier for teachers to create online learning content, reporting, planning to documentation. Teachers can also make more use of digital content, e-books, articles, sounds, videos, animations that can attract attention. In this way, the learning will be more enjoyable.

Benefits of Teaching Through a Learning Management System

At this time a teacher is required to be able to understand the online learning system. A system that we usually know is the best LMS that was developed to manage and enable collaboration between teachers and students. With this LMS, it is not only easier for teachers and students to do distance learning. Then what are the benefits of teaching using LMS:

Explanation of Materials Done Virtually

On the LMS Platform, as a teacher you can take advantage of the virtual teaching features. This is almost the same as if you record an activity of yours on video. The difference is only if this LMS can be done in a direct way. With this feature, it is hoped that it can replace activities in explaining a teaching material in front of the class.

2. Will Provide Teaching Materials With Various Formats

If a teacher will provide a reference for teaching materials or a note that is indeed needed by students and can later be used as a guide for students, then the teacher can upload teaching materials from various formats. Generally, an existing format is accepted by the Learning Management System in the form of JPG, PPT, DOC, PDF, XLS to an MP4 video format. A teacher can also provide a link in the form of a link so that students can learn later. This is expected to make it easier for teachers to deliver various materials for teaching.

3. Giving Assignments With Various Alternative Options

When learning online, of course, a teacher will communicate more with his students by means of group chats. By using this LMS in assigning tasks will become easier and more systematic. Teachers can directly create questions on the LMS platform. The form of the question is that the teachers can also choose it both for multiple choice and essay.

4. Conducting Analysis of Student Learning Progress

Teachers don’t need to worry about filling in grades from student learning activities carried out at home. By using the LMS there are many different value analyzes that teachers can get. When using this feature it can find out the knowledge of the students, the attitudes of the students, the performance in the task as a whole.

5. Conducting Discussion Activities with Students

A good Learning Management System service will certainly provide facilities that can be used to conduct a discussion between teachers and students. The discussion can be carried out in a group chat in each class that has been determined.

In a discussion activity, each student and teacher can attach a file in the form of a document or photo. Teachers can also provide comments for assignments that have been given to students who do not understand about the assignment.